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I'm an english girl, eighteen years old, red hair, blue/grey eyes, fairly small;
a fan of anime and manga, and a lover of art in general. I have an obsession with cats and kittens, because they are just so adorable. I have a lovely boyfriend called Sol who I love very much. I'm a big music fan, I can't go anywhere without my iPod (or a decent CD in the car).
I've just finished college and I will not being going to uni.. because I have had enough of education, damnit! >.< Instead I'll be looking for a job. I currently only work in the local Somerfield store for 2 nights a week.
Over the summer I plan to practice getting better at art on Photoshop, using my graphics tablet. I enjoy doing it, and I envy all those awesome people on deviantART that can make thoseo absolutely gorgeous pictures with the shiny colouring and everything. If you're interested, my dA page is http://www.citizenxerased.deviantart.com/

Music; includes my top favourite bands such as The Shins, Super Furry Animals, British Sea Power and I also love video game and anime soundtracks.
Anime/manga; fruits basket, death note, naruto, xxxholic
Games; kirby's adventure, super mario galaxy, metroid prime, spyro the dragon [ps one games only], super smash bros melee, jak & daxter [first ps2 game], final fantasy vii

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